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May 19 2011

Wanted: 3D Printing Musher

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3D Printing Musher (a.k.a. 3D Designer/Engineer)

An opportunity of a lifetime for a unique individual: a business incubator above the arctic circle in the north of Norway is looking for someone with an entrepreneur passion, experience as a designer using 3D systems, and knowledge of various 3D printers. This person will head up a new company offering both 3D design and 3D printing services both locally and globally.


Job overview

This candidate will be the head of and initially the only employee of this newly formed company. The administrative side of the company will be handled by the business incubator which they are tied to. The candidate will first work on establishing local clients and projects, demonstrating the value of 3D design and engineering. Together with a consultant who has years of experience as a CAD engineer and programmer, materials and processes of old school manufacturing and new school manufacturing, they will begin to form a long term plan for the 3D printing services, looking for a global niche market which this new company can fill. As one of this company's key shareholders is a 3D software company that is producing revolutionary 3D software that will solve many of the problems of today's software, especially in the field of digital fabrication or 3D printing, this new company will have access to the global market very quickly as the 3D software company will be advertising their services.

This is an ambitious job for someone looking to get in on the ground floor of a company who could be a player in the new and emerging field of 3D printing.


General requirements


  • Willing to relocation to Furuflaten/Tromsø Norway

  • Expert level with a wide range of 3D Software Apps including Rhino

  • Able to create/produce technically sound 3D renderings and drawings

  • Experience using different 3D printers, including DIY flavors

  • Excellent leadership qualities and communication skills

  • Fluent in English language

  • Must be creative, resourceful, innovative and pro-active

  • Ability to travel and work with a globally distributed team

  • Norwegian language skills a plus

  • Interest in outdoor sports/adventuring a plus (as the environment is ideal for such after work activities)


Send your portfolio, CV and any questions to: Einar Hamnvik < einar@inteklyngen.no >

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Mar 2 2010

We are extending our core team for the ongoing development of new generation 3D modeling systems. We are currently seeking a 3D Software Engineer (3DSE).

The 3D Software Engineer must have a wide gamut of programming knowledge in the area of 3D modeling and visualization. They should also have knowledge of Human Computer Interaction, which helps in designing 3D and 2D user interfaces that are intuitive, eye pleasing, and easy to navigate. In addition, The 3D Software Engineer must be able to build and maintain code, data pipelines, data metrics as needed and manage configuration files. They must be able to identify problems with builds and notify the correct people about any problems or errors in a build.

The 3D Software Engineer must be able to fill in and code various parts of interactive modeling systems and help out other members of the team as needed. They also work closely with the other leads in the design, and production teams, and help develop schedules and determine milestones. The 3D Software Engineer must be able to lead and contribute to a team.

Get more information and how to apply


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