Dedicated to digital, customized, on demand fabrication, Uformia is a 3D design software company and geometric kernel developer specifically focusing on 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies.



Uformia is a software company, offering a new set of 3D modeling and design tools. The software is built on a completely new volume-based paradigm - Digital Materialization (DM). Uformia’s software stands to fundamentally change the Who, What and How of 3D design, modeling and manufacturing.



• Who can model. DM expands the range of users, enabling trained experts with new capabilities while also getting novice users engaged immediately.

• What is modeled. DM opens up a whole new universe of objects that can be created and manufactured, such as a glass marble (with the material blends inside) or real human heart.

• How objects are modeled. DM allows for dynamic parametrization of designs beyond anything currently possible and the modeling of objects across many scales (e.g. from micro-structure to the general shape of any object).


There are many 3D design software packages available today, but regardless of how these package are advertised the truth is that they are built primarily for visualization and planning not direct 3D fabrication.

Unlike the existing CAD industry, every object in Uformia's system is a true 3D volume (3-manifold not 2), because the software reduces every object to its mathematical function. As a result of Uformia's completely new foundation and groundbreaking technology, a wide range of new features/solutions will become possible in the CAD and manufacturing industries.


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