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Cherie Stamm, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Cherie Stamm takes her years of experience in IT, education, management, and previously running her own U.S. based company, together with her passion for digital fabrication and 3D printing to lead Uformia and its unique technology into a successful and promising startup. Her mandate going into the 21st century is to create a new and different type of corporation, one that fosters creativity and play for its employees, gives something meaningful to science and society and paves a new more robust commercially viable corporate model. Cherie strongly feels that those leading the way in the future of technology innovation and the New Economy must take into account human and environmental issues in order to build successful economic and social development both for the company and society.

Turlif Vilbrandt, Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Turlif Vilbrandt has a long history of researching methods and processes to exactly describe (computationally capture) the complexity and quality of natural and real things. Turlif developed a generalized and holistic approach for accurately modeling complex real world objects called Digital Materialization (DM). He was instrumental in bringing together a diverse group of researchers and collectively they founded the Digital Materialization Group (DMG). He is also an active participant of the Free, Libre and Open Source (FLOS) community and has created a new (and much needed) copyright licensing to deal with the ethical issues surrounding DM technology.

Bård Hall, Chairman of the Board

Bård Hall is CEO of Norinnova, an innovation company based in the North of Norway has previously worked in Fronter, Accenture and SINTEF. Bård holds a Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD, specializing in finance and ventures. He is also a Master in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of techology, Bachelor of Engineering in signal analysis, image processing and shape recognition from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité and 2 years from Siviling in physics at the University of Tromsø.

Alexander Pasko, Board Director

Alexander Pasko is a Professor of the National Centre for Computer Animation at the Bournemouth University in UK. Alexander graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) in Russia in 1983 and received a PhD degree in 1988. He was a senior researcher at MEPhI from 1988 to 1992; an assistant professor at the University of Aizu, Japan (from 1993 to 2000); associate and full professor of the Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan (from 2000 to 2007). Alexander believes that geometric images are probably the eldest product of the human brain and that in modern logically-oriented life it is extremely important to keep and develop this ability. He is convinced that outstanding achievements in science and technology can only be attained in the balance of logic and geometric reasoning.

Tor Petter Christensen, Founder

A CEO of an successful industrial company in the North of Norway, Tor Petter brings his years of experience in management and organization of large and resource-intensive projects and processes to Uformia.

Hilde Svenning, Board Director

Hilde Svenning is is a Project Manager at Kunnskapsparken Nord AS and a Daglig Leder at Hålogaland Kapital.