Uformia Releases Symvol
Uformia is introducing an exciting new approach and foundation to 3D design and fabrication: Symvol for Rhino.

Symvol for Rhino - Community is the first of Uformia's innovative new 3D modeling tools to be released. This product is a simplified yet powerful introduction to this new "true 3D" volume based approach and framework. Objects made with Symvol are always watertight and ideal for 3D printing.

Symvol highlights:


  • Fast and dynamic form finding (dynamically change any underlying form at anytime)
  • Symbolic modeling (hyper-parametrization)
  • Always watertight
  • Direct surface and volume deformation (by control points)
  • Advanced micro-structures
  • Export of meshes, slices & voxels (image slices) for direct fabrication



Symvol defines objects as infinitely malleable material, not a collection of paper sheets glued together, as is the case in industrial 3D software today (often referred to as 2.5D modeling). When using Symvol, users will be reminded of working with clay or metal. Unlike traditional solid modeling which can display cracks or surface issues, users will always have a valid truly solid object no matter the design demands placed on it. On top of this exciting new development, Symvol's ease of use means professionals are no longer the only people that can use 3D modeling and fabrication software.

With this light but sturdy product, the doors have been thrown open to begin to explore the world of volumetric modeling. This translates into a marketplace that is greatly increased in both depth of sophistication and range of users. Uformia believes this will have long term beneficial effects on the dynamism and creativity of the 3D modeling field as a whole.

This is just a starting point, with 2012 bringing the release of additional new products and capabilities into the market. Symvol for Rhino is a simplified version of the Uformia's new generation framework for the Rhinoceros® modeling system, with three different versions:

1. Symvol Maker -- the free, fully-functional, non-commercial version is available for download and is suitable for the 3DP/maker community.

2. Symvol Community -- the low-cost version targeted for 3D printing, available for purchase now.

3. Symvol Pro -- the fully-featured, professional version, to be released later this year.



*** We at Uformia are looking forward to working closely with 3D modelers across the globe to expand our user base and spread the joy of true volumetric modeling. If you would like more information or have any inquires please email us: support [at] uformia.com or chat with us via our support forum. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy modeling!